OWAO 2022. AC & Jury

Academic Committee

Ivan Uteshev — Methodologist, Center for Teacher Excellence, Moscow – National Trainer on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chairman

Angelina Veselova — Assistant, Department of Celestial Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University – National Trainer on Astronomy and Astrophysics

Mariia Volobueva — Assistant, Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Herzen Pedagogical University – National Trainer on Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sergey Zheltoukhov — Additional Education Teacher, Center for Teacher Excellence, Moscow

Evgeny Fadeev — Researcher, Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


Alexey Rastorguev — Professor, Head of Department of Practical Astronomy, Moscow State University, Chairman

Oleg Ugolnikov — Senior Researcher, Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Deputy Chairman

Dmitry Wiebe — Professor, Head of Department of Physics and Evolution of Stars, Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN), Moscow

Valery Nagnibeda — Associate Professor, Department of Astrophysics, St. Petersburg State University

Peter Tarakanov — Associate Professor, Department of Astrophysics, St. Petersburg State University

Mikhail Kuznetsov — Leading Programmer, Department for Study of the Galaxy and Variable Stars, Moscow State University

Igor Bulygin — Assistant, Center for Teacher Excellence, Moscow

Artem Gordeev — Assistant, Center for Teacher Excellence, Moscow

Irina Bezborodova — Teacher, Lyceum Second School, Moscow

Anastasia Avtaeva — Engineer, Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow